Promo kits

Do you want to support salesand show products to your customers in a different way than the others? Simply choose from our wide product range.

Promo FSU - Metal

Our new robust metal stand can carry a wide range of your selected products or a complete portfolio of our Rebell brand. Stand is available in various colours to suit every customer needs.

Height (A) Width (B) Depth (C) Weight
1871 mm 728 mm 535 mm 19 kg

Standard SDU Sets

Standard desk units are small displays available in 2 sizes, carrying 6 pcs of calculators each. The units have been designed to take up as little space as possible. They can be placed next to the cash register, or on the shelf.

Small Box 205 x 185 x 150 mm
Medium Box 255 x 240 x 190 mm

Individual SDU Sets

In case you are interested in our desk units, but requesting
different design or dimensions, do not hesitate to contact us.
We are able to create a special sets based on your individual

Individual Promo FSU - Cardboard

We are also able to create a promotional stand based on individual requirements.
Thanks to, the stands are custom made, it is ensured the most effective use of space. They are ideal for use in smaller shops, where every inch matter.

Exhibition Stand

We offer to our customers a brand new stands made from clear plastic (2mm thickness), which provide excellent professional presentation of products. Thanks to this clear plastic material you are able to place a description beside offered products.

Our brand new stands can also be imprinted with logo of manufacturer or seller, where certain quantity need to be fulfilled.

Height  Width Depth
155 mm 150 mm 105 mm